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Measure chewing efficiency, motivate patients.

The start of functional oral rehabilitations has never been easier.

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Occlusal Systems – CHEW Kaufunktion

Occlusal Systems – CHEW Reports

CHEW – Kaueffizienz messen, Patienten motivieren.

How do I apply the Digital Report CHEW?

The recognition of a limited ability to break down certain food components is difficult for the affected patients. Even during consultations, although supported by illustrative material, a deepened comprehension can often not be generated. It is only by using Digital Report CHEW, which visualizes and verbalizes the individual chewing efficiency, that the patient is able to build up the required understanding for necessary restorative build prosthetic measures. This process is additionally supported by the comparison with individualized standard values the Digital Reports are based on. It is a matter of course that the information from the Digital Report CHEW provides essential support for your correspondence and documentation.

The Occlusal Systems workflow –
4 steps to your Digital Reports CHEW

You provide the data of the chewing test

The data of the chewing test are processed

The report template CHEW is created for you

You generate the digital report CHEW

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Digital Reports …

the result of the standardized chewing function test arouses the interest of the patient

meaningful sentences make the patient understand

the comparison with individualized standard ranges covers the needs of the patient

Your expertise is comprehensibly underpinned

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